• Phase 1:Preliminary Design Schematics
  • Initial meeting: determine scope of work (clients vision, lifestyle, timeline, discuss budget)
  • Preparation of design proposal outlining responsibilities and preliminary budget  
  • Presentation of samples and photos for the design concept 

  • Phase 2:Design Development
  • Complete preliminary design concept and present detailed design drawings
  • Collaboration with manufacturers and sourcing materials and products
  • Revise preliminary design to complete concept and quotes

  • Phase 3: Installation 
  • Execution of installation, concluding final details
  • Staging & final reveal 

Transforming spaces to inspire, one home at a time...

Complete home designs enabling you to express your unique individual style. 

Our team of interior designers are passionate and determined to methodically transform your space. At Parker House Designs we take great pride in our use of natural materials and exceptional craftsmanship to produce functional, timeless, intriguing, ambient environments. With vast experience in all types of interior design, our premier service is created for you. 

Our Commitment 

Your satisfaction is our priority. Susan listens carefully and has an intuitive gift of reflecting your personality and unique style into your personal space. 

"Your smile is my juice"

                      Susan Parker


Parker House Designs Inc.

The Process...