"My passion for design lies within my ability to visualize creative concepts for an environment through the use of architectural details and furnishings as a whole space and completing it to it's fruition."                                     


Susan Parker

Susan Parker has been creating stunning, innovative residential and commercial spaces for over 30 years. While today she is based in Vancouver, Canada, Susan’s work has brought her to design all over the world, including Mexico, Japan, the USA, and all throughout Canada. Susan’s priority is to create a connection with her clients. She believes that your home should be a manifestation of who you are. Susan intuitively creates spaces that reflect the personality of her clients beyond what has been requested or discussed in the initial planning stages of projects.

Before agreeing to a new project, Susan meets with her clients to discuss vision, lifestyle, and budget. Susan is very selective of which clients she takes on and only accepts a few projects a year. Susan is passionate about creating inspiring environments that reflect the lifestyle and core being of her clients. The most rewarding and beautiful creations arise when clients place their trust in Susan's hands and allow the designer to take the reigns to execute the complete design process. Parker House Designs ensures that your ideas and imagination are translated into your space. Susan believes in using products and materials of high quality that will have longevity in your home.

Susan graduated with honours from the Interior Design Program at Kwantlen University in 1984. After graduation, Susan worked as an interior designer for Eaton’s Contract Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was part of an in-house design team of six sales persons, who specialized in commercial, office and hospitality design. This gave her an introduction to a large scope of design work that included interiors of Ashburn Golf & County Club and guest suites at the Bridgewater Inn. 

She returned to Vancouver with her design experience and began working for the firm Co-Ordinated Hotel Interiors(CHIL). She worked on various hospitality projects including the Delta Lakeside Resort in Penticton and the Delta Hotel located in Ottawa.

In 1989, Susan began working on international project with designer Linda Aubin of Mainland Design Group. Together they designed “Turn Key” residences for a resort development located overseas in Bandi, Japan. They also worked on a hospitality development in Florida for Embassy Suites Hotels. The interior spaces designed for the hotel project included guest suites, lobby and health club facilities. 

From 1989 to present, Susan has completed over three-hundred residential and commercial interior design projects. Susan's largest commercial installation was a 35,000-sq. ft. automobile dealership for Surrey Honda and was completed in 2003. This inviting space for employees and customers received numerous accolades. She created a warm, yet practical environment, in what is generally a cold or austere setting. Susan later redesigned and refurbished Richmond Honda.

Another outstanding achievement is Susan's completion of over twelve “Turn Key” interior design projects located in Whistler, BC. These installations were completed for out of town clients as investment/rental properties. Each project was designed using customised furniture, kitchenware, bedding/linens and finishing details such as home accessories and fine art. 

Susan also has numerous Home Stagings to her credit. These residential makeovers focus on creating interiors to maximize buyers interest. Many of her clients have been successful in achieving their goal of selling their homes at substantially higher prices than the original appraised value. 

Susan has worked on more than 30 multimillion-dollar commercial and residential projects. These projects were significant renovations or new constructions. They involved collaborating with contractors/builders and private owners concerning architectural detailing, selection of finishing materials, and planning customized furnishings.